Principle 1: Acceptance

Accept you can change

Accept that the only thing you can change is yourself

Accept that changing yourself changes everyone around you. 

Accept that working on managing our emotional triggers is a way to as a way to actively create peace. 

Accept that managing what we were born into is part of our work in this life.  


Principle 2: Attention

Pay attention to your body. Your breathing, Your heartbeat, Your posture, and when speaking, Your tone of voice are all giving you information about your emotional state all the time. 

Notice any shifts that occur and give special attention to any outside stimulus that triggers those shifts. 


Principle 3: Responsibility 

Commit to living in a more relaxed and joyful world, and take responsibility for doing your part and manage yourself from acting out and speaking without pausing first and considering your response.  

ake responsibility for the conditions of being human in a human body and life.