It all started when...

This is the quest of my life. To find my meaning for being here in this life, and to be here in that. The same thing that you want- which is why you are here with me. So let me share here what I know, and what i have learned being me

The purpose of being brought back into suffering, I believe, is to get yourself out and to teach the steps out of it. We who are not leading the workshop, or selling the book, let us stop and notice where we are so that as we begin these steps to get ourselves out we can hold them and share them with others. We can recognize ourselves in others and help them where they are stuck because we have been in their shoes.

My own journey is about this. To bring the self conscoiuness and fear that I have had about my own ability to see and to lead with that vision to the forefront. I have been afraid of my own clarity and ability to shine. It took me a long long time to learn that I am sharing my gift for a higher purpose - because it runs through me. it is not me. and i had a hard time because i had so many judgements of people who were sharing and striving and trying. I had so many judgements agains the elite. And i am glad I gave into them. I am glad I remained annonymous and learned how to see the gift in annonimity and invisibility. like a cloak to meet everyone in their true self.

And here I am. At the end of it all still me. The same me that was going to break it out at 15 or 20 or 25 or 30 or 35 or 40. The same kid that was wild and beautiful at 7 is here, alive, patiently waiting inside me to be trusted and loved. Because that spirit is not me or mine. It just is the way I am wired in.


I could not get to this without help. I did not get to this without help. I have had a lot of people and circumstances that have allowed me to flounder and fail so deeply without dying.