Radical Transparency

Have great ideas and still giving yourself a hard time for not bringing it into the world? Go easy on yourself -- getting stuff to manifest is very difficult - of course at Trigger Spray we believe everything is worth trying - if only to watch where your triggers come up and learn to manage and heal them. You can do it!

Have an idea

This stage is the most natural one for people like my sister and I.  It is considered the "fun" part - but I can and have gotten stuck at this stage many times.  The ideas can feel endless - choosing the one t

Executing the idea

This is where I usually get very lost. First of all I have to remember not going to go back to stage 1. I tend to ask everyone what they think before I have anything and then I get back to thinking.

 Second - getting something going


Getting it out There

I guess that is where I am at so if you are reading this - it is working! Promotion 

The actual steps. 

Research suppliers. This sucks. The internet is a sea of trouble to navigate for the 

I also am stuck with my ethics that I have cultivated over years so