It is a difficult process to bring an idea into this world  and this was no exception. Trigger Spray was developed in a community of people that shared their time, skill, energy and perspective in order to help make this concept an actual product.  Thank you to everyone that supports the work of changing the world through personal growth and awareness.  


Elana Langer

Team (Cheer) Leader


For the first decade of my adult life I was fired from every job I had. Of course it never felt like my fault  - nothing seemed to make sense to me in the "real world." The environment of these jobs was shocking to me.  I couldn't understand why everyone was being so mean and harsh with each other. It was as if we were all on a television show with no commercial breaks.  I had no awareness how to live in a world without saying exactly what was on my mind, to cut through and ask for perspective--- and it felt like no one wanted to hear what I had to say. 

So I did what anyone who is forced into being their unique self does - because we can't live any other way. I dropped out of any known path and I started to make things up.  Along the way I met lots of people. I worked lots of jobs. I prayed lots of prayers. I got very very lost. I got very very hurt. I got very very drunk. And still, I always got back up. again and again and again.  I don't think the specifics matter - but if they do email me ( and i will tell you whatever you would like to know. What matters in this moment is the life experience I have to certify my work of being.  And the love from which I draw in order to create. To confirm my truth I invite you to join the circle of radiant human beings that help me wake up each day and be here in truth. I am surrounded by a circle of goodness and love and life and if you can hear me, you are here part of it with me.  

In believing that change is possible in our own experience, we create a world where change is accessible to us all.



community Graphic Design

This record shop/cafe/gallery is the artist hub/community center any creative person dreams about. Within minutes of meeting the project this rad community was onboard to help. Chris (the co-owner) helped illustrate the logo and Antoine (his friend and cafe support staff) laid out the graphic design.  

Go to Montreal. Check 'em out. They are the rad.




Marcus Burnett - Director/DP

Marcus Burnett of Studio 27 really brought his love game to this project. Showing up in Montreal and directing on-the-fly. 

This man is next level talent. 



Essential Oil Consultation

So there I was in Quebec City wondering how the heck I would formulate this spray and TA-DA! Aliksir. This multi-generational family business works with only organic essential oils. I was super lucky to meet Estelle who worked with me to formulate the perfect re-balancing scents. 

Check them out to get your own mix going today!


Dr. Creutz 


There is nothing sweeter than a person that believes in you enough to devote their time and attention across an ocean. All the way from Sweden Dr. Creutz has been supporting the branding of this project.