The Feeling Management Kit

The 2016 presidential election has brought up lots of emotions and it seems that there is a long 4 year road ahead. This kit is designed to help manage emotions triggered by presidential related issues so we can remain effective in creating the world we want to share. 


Trigger Spray

An aromatherapy mist created to help you reconnect with your self after an emotional trigger. Use the spray on yourself or offer it to someone that has been triggered. Signify without words what is not ok.



Sometimes it is just sad. Let your feelings happen. Wipe your tears away. Most effective when used in combination with Trigger Spray. Do your crying. Mist your face, and breathe. 

Isabella_what I live by.jpg


Find perspective when things get overwhelming, flip through this book of animals at play, come back to your happy place. 


What I Live By affirmation sticker

Stay connected with your value(s) by putting a What I Live By sticker on your phone or laptop. Continue to share what matters with everyone you meet. Best when used in combination with Trigger Spray.