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Energetic healing techniques - Laura Rudish

I can say that there has been a great relief in understanding personal pain/suffering as part of a bigger energetic picture.  If you feel open to this kind of approach - I highly recommend connecting with energetic workers like Laura a call and asking about her work. This stuff isn't for everyone and requires a lot of belief in the parts we can't see.

Rad Reads - Khe Hy

Coming from the Finance and Tech worlds, Khe's work offers practical compassion and mindfulness resources one post at a time.


plant medicine - AYAM (Rachael Sessions)


There has been a lot of discussion lately in popular culture about ancient medicines. Working with plants to connect to the earth, gain a higher purpose, and heal the pain we carry is as old as time. Best done with someone trained in these techniques. Rachael Sessions provides a unique bridge to that world. Get in touch with any questions you might have.

Dance as therapy - Jess Grippo

There is no one as dedicated to healing through dance as Jess Grippo. By connecting to expression through our bodies, our souls and our unique and powerful voices can shake it out.