When to use Trigger Spray.

Did your feelings get stuck in an uncomfortable place?    

Ask yourself --  Do I want to try to be ok?


 Ask yourself --- How my reaction/this situation HILARIOUS?

 Ideally that question is enough to snap you out of your loop. And if you can do that WOOHOOO - hurray.

If you need a ritual or action to do to remind you.


you don't need it. But as my friend reminded me- ritual is important. To have a symbol for yourself and people you trust to show yourself to - 

How taking this all so seriously that I choose to be 



At home

THIS IS THE BIG ONE. The mother and father of all emotional triggers. 


Emotional awareness is challenging when we are in the place our emotional triggers were formed. It is important when in situations with parents and siblings to find the right Trigger Spray practice. Use it discreetly to keep yourself connected to your breath and awareness or if it feels safe, let your parents and siblings know that you are in a process of managing your own emotions and invite them into their own awareness by showing them the spray and opening up a conversation about triggers -- without any direct confrontation.



Fighting with your lover about the dishes? Laundry? The way he or she asks you for support? The way they give you feedback that feels like an attack? Love is the perfect place for triggers to emerge and also the perfect place to face them and overcome them with someone you love and trust. 

Trigger Spray is a great way to show you are trying to learn about yourself - and are committed to growing and changing - even though it is taking a while. 

Use Trigger Spray in love-spats and try refreshing your perspective before you lose your cool.


at Work

Exchanging your life energy for money feel uncomfortable? GOOD! It is super weird. 

Go easy. Carry lots of spray. Nothing is worth your chill cool center. 


At School

We know that our school systems are broken, and yet it is still what we use for a learning environment. Try to see school as a place to practice being with yourself in comfort and discomfort. Try to use the opportunity of the day in day out to learn more than just information. Use any discomfort that comes up in class or with other students or with teachers as a way to see the emotions and sensitivity you carry. Use Trigger Spray if you feel overwhelmed at any time. And just know Trigger Spray is the latest hot trend. If anyone questions what you are doing - just say "Why aren't you using Trigger Spray too? it's the best!" Practice slowing down and choosing your response. It will only help you succeed at being you. 




Whether in a class or a cafe someone might say something that triggers you.

Political situation got you unclear how to talk to people?

Acknowledge your feelings. Show that you have been triggered. And also that you can hold your emotions and choose your response.